About Us

This is a site dedicated to the people that make our education process and goals achievable. Without the support of the local community and it’s businesses we would not have the procedures or processes in place to ensure our younger generation have the best start to their lives.

Since 1887 we have been providing children with a top learning experience and getting them ready for the 21st century. A long the years the education sector has changed and we are lucky enough to have the companies behind us to ensure we have kept up with the latest needs for the children. Our support continues to the family and friends of the community for your ongoing support and helping our community grow.

Moving forward we are always looking to give back to the community when we can so if there is a way the school can contribute to our community please drop us a line and we can have a discussion surrounding this. Keep an open mind as there are many ways the kids can learn and grow whilst helping out the local area.